Dec 9, 2006

I get by with a little help from my friends

Ani Skalzang Lhamo, my first roomate at Karsha nunnery. An amazingly patient woman, she is a far better parent than either I or Ashok. But she is committed to lifelong celibacy, and so she's not planning on having kids, in this lifetime at least or the next, when she's hoping to be reborn as a monk.

Ani Putid, one of my 'aunties' and mentors at Karsha nunnery, helps Tashi and Krishan familiarize themselves with our backyard. They are sitting on the steps of one of the oldest temples in Zangskar, owned by our gracious host, the Karsha Lonpo.

Our neighbors, Sonam and Stobldan, were a whole lot better at taking care of little kids than the average 10 year old in the States. It didn't hurt that they were older and wiser than my twins and had not been spoiled by having too many toys in their life.

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