Dec 6, 2006

Our neighbors on the cliff in Karsha

NK with her daughter Deskyid, who is the same age as my twins. NK is my "nomo" (ie. younger sister) and her father, the Karsha lonpo, is my mentor, teacher, host for our visit to the cliff above Karsha.

We sit in the hallway of the Lonpo's modest medical institute with NK's husband P; his daughter Deskyid; my twins, Krishan and Tashi; and our roomate, Skalzang, who is also P's half-sister.

The joys of water collection. From left: my son Krishan, pouring water from pot A into pot B; Deskyid, thinking "what's all the fuss? I've got the rest of my life to gather water p"; Stobldan, watching it all, and my daughter Tashi looking dubious.

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